Even Though I'm Australian

Australians are notorious (or to be praised, depending on your point of view) for not tipping in restaurants. Some restaurants do have tipping jars/containers, but there often isn't a lot in there.

That said, I believe that if you get good food with good service at a restaurant, it deserves to be rewarded.

There's a restaurant I visit regularly where the food is always excellent & the service even better. It has a tips jar. I usually leave a nice tip for them. Why not?
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yeah i agree, i always pay when credit is due and sometimes when they have forgotten to write my bill (which means i could walk away with a free dinner) i will try and let them know that i havent paid for my meal. although the other day i was with a group of friends at the pizza place and the same thing just happened and i was gonna let the staff know that we havent paid but my friends told me to shut up and they pulled me out of the store and we all got a free meal. so your right, australians tend to never tip after a meal, but i will always try to pay when situations like this happens.

Fair enough. I must admit I don't like it when they suggest you tip a certain amount. And of course you shouldn't have to pay their salary...it's a shame though that so many have to rely on tips for their salary.<br />
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That said, good food & good service I believe deserves to be rewarded. Kind of a performance bonus really.

I tip what I can afford, not necessarly the service. I appreciate servers, cooks, bartenders, even barber-shops, but I do not want to pay their salary. In the USA, a suggested tip amount is 15% of the bill, but it can get expensive when the bill is over $100.