Use to Be a Server How Could I Not !!

being someone who use to work in this field... i could not do anything less... i mean i remember when i would have a table that would run me ragged and then have the nerve to leave 2 buck for five freaking people that never were without a drink the food was awsome and then they would be like " oh im going to tip you so great "

I gave great service even if i didnt think someone would tip well because i take pride in my work but god if your only gonna give a person a dollor dont keep asking them for crap....


when i was a bartender at hooters i had this one guy that would come in and everytime he would order a cup of coffee and a ceaser salad ( during the day he would sit at my bar) and because i wasnt busy we would play cross word puzzles or just talk about his grand kids or his next trip .... and i really just thought he was a cool old guy and he wasnt the type to stare at your boobs ( even though he was in hooters)  so I really just would enjoy his company and look forward to seeing him on my shift.... one day he just kept giving me a $50 tip i would try to give it back and he would refuse....  i mean i would try to throw it back at him and tell him it was too much ... i didnt want him to feel like that was why i would talk to him... one day he finally said to me " you continued talking to me when i first came in and i was only giving 3 dollar tips  so i know thats not why you talk to me ... thank you for being my ear when i needed one"


he was the nicest old dude ever ... i no longer work there but wonder what happend to him... his name was mr. morise

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Me, that IS a great story. I haven't worked as a server (too clutzy - I would probably get fired on the first day :), but my mother did, and I always think about the fact that their primary income is from tips. In fact, if I eat and I only spend a few bucks, I am not about to leave a mere 15%. It feels unreasonable to me. <br />
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Also, some people seem to have the idea that some work is inferior to other work. All I have to say to that is, What if nobody was willing to be a server? What if nobody was willing to clean offices? Dump your own trash in your office for a few weeks, and you will really come to appreciate the fact that people are willing to do that work for you.<br />
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I used to manage a hotel, and I was aware that my housekeeping staff was priceless. I couldn't do what they did for hours every day. It took physical stamina and speed and talent that I didn't possess. If I could have paid them what they were worth to the company, I would have far outpaced the labor budget.<br />
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Martin Luther King is quoted as saying, "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence."<br />
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I couldn't have said it better.

i have never stiffed but i have pulled a server aside explained that i use to work in the business and that they only earned like 50 cents of what i was about to give them.... i told them that maybe if they didnt think that just because i am young ( me and my husband look like teenagers ) that i wasnt going to tip well and therefore ignore me out of their section then they would have gotten a better tip.... i gave her i think a 10 and walked away and i think that my husband and i just went in for like a dessert and got water... but we usually start at ten and go up based on our bill and on service..<br />
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i use to hate it when office people would come in on their 30 min breaks and order something that would take 30mins to cook for example a well done burger or steak.... and even if i told them well if you only have 30 mins its going to take longer than that and you will be late... they look at me like whatever you dont know order it anyway and then get mad when they were late to work....

That's a great story!