Rough Recording..and Draft



Lying awake in my bed
Try to remember the words you said
Our last talk was not so sweet
Last heard your voice, it's been a week
It's time to move on

Did you know that you kept me strong?
Now that you're gone this feels so wrong
Guess I didn't know you at all
Didn't know you would take it all
And rip my heart out

I try to forget but it takes too long
It doesn't help when I sing this song
But I keep writing anyways
I hope I'll figure it out someday

You said "forever" long ago
You said it's ok to take things slow
You led me on for so far
It's not always words that break our hearts
So why'd you kiss him?
SeventhSickness SeventhSickness
18-21, M
May 18, 2012