Optimism Works!

 Optimism has been proven to be a pwerful positive force in people's lives. optimistic people are usually less stressed out,  they are more outgoing, they work to acheive the goals they have set for themselves, knowing that they will be able to reach them. while optimism and delusional thinking are often confused, optimistics don't care because those comparing optimism to delusion are too cynical to be happy. Dr. Emoto did a study showing that words can have physical affects. when two identical bowls of steamed rice were set up by Dr. Emoto, and he said something kind each day to one, and something wrong each to another, the bowl that was spoken to kindly stayed fresh much longer, while the other rive quickly became moldy and gross. the same affect has been applied to snowflakes, and finally negativity strikes humans just as it does rice and ice crystals, but be optimistic, and you are sure to live a full, happy life.

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Thank you, though I am not sure what your purpose in mentioning the difference between the two is, I agree, and would like to add that the distinction often resides more in perspective and opinion than it does in definition.

well I can understand how you would get to the assumption that I can't live in reality and live a positive life, but it's for you to assume. I will continue to be happy. :)

This is one of the funniest posts I've ever read on EP. Speaking positively to rice. It's priceless. I think you will find as you encounter reality that humility, acceptance, and gratitude provide the answer you think you have in optimism. Optimism has many flaws, not the least of which is the assumption that you know what is best for you, which is obviously a fallacy. Keep swinging, and thanks for the laugh.

I have a good friend who will never be the same as anyone else he knows. His ability to socialize is crippled and he spends long days beating video game after video game simply because he does not know what else to do with himself. He does not see the world the same as most of us, and I have seen him when his world and our world clash. It's heartbreaking. My friend is autistic and is one of the happiest and most honorable men I know. Not because he knows no suffering, but because he has accepted this and has overcome his medical condition. If he can find happiness, I'm sure anyone can if they decide to.<br />
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I may be young but I have had my share of suffering for the years I have been on this earth. I may not have had the years to erode my resolve to be happy, but I have endured enough to know how hard it can be to wake up in the morning. To go through the motions of being alive as if I am trying to fool myself into thinking I still am. <br />
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You assume that because I am still young and positive that I have not had any real problems. I have had problems and I have experienced complete despair. The difference that keeps me positive is simply that I NEVER GAVE UP.

It's easy to be an optimist when you have no issues that limit your ability to function in the world at large.<br />
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For many people, however, this is NOT an option.<br />
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I see from your photo, that you are young and this leads me to think that you haven't lived long enough to have been beaten down by life.<br />
Or that, perhaps, you have never had to endure a debilitating medical condition.<br />
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Spare a thought for those of us who HAVE......