Some One Help Me Please, I Cant Cope

FSA,FOS & BANKS cause death of a baby
Banks Breaking the Law
FSA to ban self cert mortgages
Utter Disgrace & Incompetence ( attachment ; Downing Street, HM Treasury x2, FSA ) and so much more..lies, incompetence,bullying in Service,cover ups , a failed infrastructure for the United Kingdom.
Some three years on,I am searching for answers. Have lost everything in life at the expense of others, but I am trying to expose  the UK's Financial services and its possible collapsed and incompetent infrastructure. I have a Gordonstoun education with a member of the Royal family and had a clean record of 20 years plus in the industry as a professional. I have left the indusrty 2 years ago and fighting for answers and justice.During this ordeal, my wife miscarried with our first baby in 2009 thanks to the treats and pressures of the banks and after nearly losing her life in oct/nov 2009, she decided to leave the marriage. I am going through a Divorce as of early last year. At present I have anxiety and depression, and shortly having having counselling. Every week is hell and unbearable. But I am still fighting for answers.
I have uncovered too much and being pushed over the edge. I am fighting but having so many barriers put in front of me.
I am not coping with the overall situation that I am facing  and am a shattered man. My email is and live at 94A West End Lane ,Hayes , Harlington, Middlesex, UB3 5LX. Have my emails and my life, its a world story being blocked. Someone out there please , please help me, I cant take all this pressure and stress. I am being pushed to suicide I think.
Is there not one person out there that can assist me, a kind solicitor to take on the giants and change a society for the right reasons, or are we as a world turning a blind eye to the truth. Look at the state of the world financial situation.
I hope this message is not blocked by somone and welcome all comments. Feel free to call me. I welcome all hedge managers,legal experts, economists,financial expects and good people of the world to have all of this information. You Judge.
A corrupted United Kingdom in my opinion, failing its society and protecting the banking industry with its asscoiated buildings, for their past mistakes ,greed,lies and incompetence. 
Many thanks
Mr Farokh Dastoor
United Kingdom

24/02/2012 - Update. Some one year on, I am near to swithch off and in bad shape. In the last year I requested a Freedom Of Information Request from The Financial Ombudsman Service. This building has now breached my request and have omitted information. THIS IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. One off many documents omitted was ' FOS, FSA & Banks cause death of a baby. This is an insult as my MP, and others recognised people were given this specific email before hand.  My Prime Minister , David Cameron addressed / wrote to Her Majestry Treasury who could not address my issues or matters raised before hand. What an insult to my life, Prime Minister, Government & Parliament. 
I also took my complaint to the UK regulater, Financial Services Authority. On receipt of the Independent Commisioner's Reply ( Sir Anthony Holland ), he had made two mistakes on his reply given to me. This was reported to specific people and buildings. It was a gift to correct this man, something in my opinion no one has done before. Total incompetence and embarrasment.
Took on an individual complaint where UK banks in my opinion have commited theft of UK's TAXPAYER money for over 20 months. No reply given AT ALL.
Have not worked  in three years now and had no replies from one man. Its a shame my wife has remarried and does not know what is going on. I am happy for her, however she has treated me wrong during the divorce and what she writes is not nice. I will always believe in good and basic tradition and values, and the difference between  'right and wrong '.
I hope justice prevails on my life before I am dead ( I WILL NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE ), and these elite people / banks / organisations are prosecuted for their incompetence, bad behaviour and their criminal activity pertaining to my issues. These organisations are very gold plated and powerful, and seem to have more power than ' our number ones ' .
So broken and down, my life is ruined and finished. I plug on everyday searching for answers, but where do you go at this level. They say ' knowledge is power ', what value does it have. My Royal school moto is ' plus est en vous ', I pray and hope I will conquer on this case one day when my health is better and body has recovered from the spears they have thrown into me constantly every day / week / month / years. I am also the son of a Zoroastrian priest, a very small community in the World. But this is the treatment you get.
God bless you all and pray for those millions / billions of people are suffering across the world with poverty thanks to the irresponsible behaviour of banks and the failings of 'financial regulaters' that have failed the global financial services thanks to their ' ignorant risk management / procedures / instruments '  and reckless behaviour.
17/04/2012  Its very had to understand this. Only a few weeks ago, I am seeing the truth slowly on what is going on. Every one is witnessing my life, and I keep telling people to open their eyes and stop turning a blind eye to the truth.  It was me damn it, turning a blind eye to the real truth on the events. I was blinded, bullied, harrassed, tortured to the extreme. I have not worked in the last three years. I am not meant to be doing this. God have MERCY on these people for what they have done to my life and family. I was the damn target, they wanted me crushed and finished.  I am a free man NOW, I am a human being. I am Farokh Dastoor, not ' OSMA BIN LADEN ' . SHAME ON ALL THOSE THAT WITNESS MY LIFE IN RUNNING, MAY GOD BRING YOU ALL TO JUSTICE.
GOD I AM FREE AGAIN and I feel better. I get it now. How much  can have no value to my life, God have mercy on these horrible and gutless people. Shame on you all. Cruelty to one man in this world, the lot covered it up and wanted me dead and burried. I am freeeeeeeeeeeeee. One man against a whole system. Member of Parliament refusing to give me information back now. I AM A HUMAN BEING, DAM YOU ALL. 
18/04/2012  I dont remember my divorce. My solicitor has disregarded all my issues and I have not been acknowledged or heard. I have used the words, torture, bullying and harressment to my life. Last year i used the words torture to my life on one email in running. A high court judge if i recall uses the same word, torture, after my statement on one issue. Death of my baby asserted.
' banks torture farokh dastoor, banks torture farokh dastoor's family, banks torture pregnant wife at time ' .  Cause of death, i am not legal expert, ' banks torture baby '. ( a solicitor and parliament and many more all turn a blind eye ??? ) and ignore my life and well being. 
YOU DONT WANT TO SEE MY DIVORCE PAPERS, MY EX-WIFE HAS DONE VERY BAD BEHAVIOUR and wrong doing HERE. I have no phone line for the last year. Had problems taking to people and internet problems if i recall. Poverty and destruction and crulety for one man. I am here and i feel better. I am proud . I think i have ' check mate ' the system here entirely on awful behaviour, looking back. Education, intergrity, due dilligence etc.. does pay, knowledge is powerful and is a gift to ones life. My god what have these people done to my life and why. 
One man at the end of March 2012, appreciates me taking the time and trouble to share my concerns . May God give him the strength,wisdom and courage  now to act and intervin with AUTHORITY no matter what to find ' closure and fairness for this one man and his ex-wife on countless issues and matters raised. This man is very educated and I hope he sees through this all. Tradition, values and principles must be adhered to. I am so frightened and scared for my life, but feel good and better. A tortured animal turning back into a human being. ' Plus est en vous ' , I think i have got that in me. 
19/04/2012  Recaping to the best of my  ability, over 4 years ago all top cheif bankers written to and others. One complex and complicated case. 13 to 15 adjudicaters , case review team, 1  ombudsman and cheif ombudsman. Cheif ombudsman resigned unexpected i think, if i recall right maybe. Death of baby put on the hands of their building as well, two years, I think comedy of errors galore and awful ness. End result nothing, big fat zero return on everything. Death of baby happened in running in that makes sense. I not work in over  three years , i am not meant to be doing all of this . I am so tired and ill of my life, I have done soo much i think for people and no one listens to me. Solicitor did not comply with a judge's order and ended dealings with me.Two years of my divorce paperwork omitted from my file ( April 2012 ). I WAS THE TARGET ALL ALONG, COVERED UP BY THE ELITE. GAME OVER FOR ME. I AM DEAD ON RECORD.

farokhdastoor farokhdastoor
41-45, M
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My friend Farokh was sectioned under the mental health acts shortly after he left this post, I and other friends and supporters have contacted this web site a number of times to ask them to remove this post, which contains a great deal of private information which Farokh would not have wanted to disclose had he had mental capacity at the time, it is regrettable that this website refused to remove this post which Farokh wrote at a time when he was suffering extreme stress prior to mental breakdown.

Dr P heasant
West London Primary Care Trust

Nutter! Complete nutter!

Hello! I feel for you. I understand you are fighting against some evil things, but do not take Your own life ! Keep fighting and be strong, never give up whatever might be happening. Keep going I will pray for you my friend. This might sound absurd, but please go find a church, ask God for help. Much love <3