Was It Stupidity Or Kindness?

I live in a place where in summers, the temperature in afternoons can reach up to 40-45degree celsius.
So this incident took place around 2:00P.M.
I go to school by a two-wheeler which is 4-5 km away..
while returning from school,  as soon as i turned onto the main road,
my scooter just died;
Now I had to push a 100kg scooter with my school bag on
and i was sweating like crazy... i had a bad day at school and i was a bit down,
on the way, a child like 4 yr-old from a roadside slum runs up to me with white sneakers and said,
"Will you please tie my shoes? I can't find my mom."
I was thinking about how a passerby would've laughed at me and called me stupid maybe even my
parents would've disapproved but then i thought,"To hell with it if I'm sad, i would sure as hell try to make someone else happy "
I tied that boy's shoes and then helped him find his mother.
I arrived late at home and got a scolding but it didn't matter.
I just realized, whatever happens to me in this life, i will always try to help people no matter what
I maybe childish, but I won't let that child to die.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2012

What you did was an act of good deeds. That is something no one can take away from you and never be afraid of others. If others put you down in life, it normally boils down to bad attitude and behaviour of others that have a miserable life. Good always prevails over bad.

I like it, keep being like that man :)<br />
Beside, if you the one who need help, don't you love if somebody lend a hand? Don't worry a kindness would reward with another kindness :)