I Need Help, Please Somebody Help Me.

My name is Nurbek
I am from Kyrgyzstan. Currently, I work in Moscow as graphic designer. 
I am not a swindler and that is not spam mail. I am writing you because my family really needs your HELP.
 When I first came to Moscow in the village my parents were in debt for $ 15,000.
We sent money as much as we could. I have worked for 1.5 years.
I thought that after sending money our debt was minimized, but mark up. Recently, my mother often start ill.
I thought it was because of the kidney. I told her so cured. But she said everything will go, this is temporary.
It turns out, all increased. Then 20-January morning, she called me three times. But, my phone was disconnected.
 Then I called her, she said, "Come my son, you have time to see me" and hung up. I could not restrain himself.
In my eyes there were tears, crying. I came to work and waited for the manager. When staff came to work I asked the manager "Do chief be permitted me to fly to Kyrgyzstan for a week? My mother ill". She said: "Yes, if your mother is sick," and I immediately bought tickets to there and back .January 21-I left. It was necessary. I came home and thought that my mother in the hospital. But she was at home. She became so weak, looks at her, I cried and she cried. She was such a strong, active woman. She brought us to devote all his strength to us. She worked at school. Once these loans, debts, it stopped working. Just sitting at home. Every 10 minutes, people who need to repay debts call. She lost the account. Every day, people come to our home. My mom is going through and the sick.
        Then the next day my father and mother were sitting together. I wrote down all the debts. As a result, got $ 55,000. I did good appearance to don’t  upset my parents and I said that I will find some way out. But I also experienced the soul, and wept. Me, father and mother sat eating nothing. Although we have meal to eat, but it does not pass.
 In the evening we go to bed, but  we do not sleep, can not sleep. I just think as I come up with this situation. The next day, went to my grandfather for advice.
 They blamed my parents and finally told to sell the our house. We have nothing asset things to sell except our house.
Only the house is that we have to pay value. This is not accurate. Here I invited my friends for advice. They also said they will help me with what they can. If we sell the house, we have nowhere to go and be ashamed in front of people.
   Although we sell our house, it will not be known at the time. Because it can take 2-3 months, maybe more ...
2 days before my departure for Moscow ... 5:00 in the morning she told me "Take care of little sisters and live friendly."
I knew it. She thought she would die, did she bids farewell to life. I could not restrain myself, cried until morning. Imagined, how we will live, we are her children, if she goes away.
Then I told to my Mom, "For so many years you hold, you tried for our happiness and now that's where we grew up you can not keep yourself. Held on just a little more, soon everything will be fine. We'll find out from this position. "She cried and I cried. At this point, was very difficult. 
      All of our relatives did not like our mother because of what it would take a lot of debt. She took the debt for that, kids do not need the money. But in the end turned out worse. She failed to improve the lives of our family. Relatives wanted to help but they also do not have much money. And every month we send money to my mother, but not enough.
She recently doesn't not go to work. Only experienced, suffers from debts.
  We are very afraid that my mother that that will happen. Every day I pray God that she was in good health and happiness for our future.
     So I started looking for a good man who has the money to help us.
If you understand me, please help our family. I did not want to apply to the state. Because this is our family debts. So we have to pay. I need a good man who will lend me money for 2 years. For 2 years me and my little brother earn and return back. every month we can send back about  1500 dollars.
 Please,  HELP ME !  We would be very grateful to you all of our life!

Thank you for attention !!!
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Please !!!!!!!!!
nuraz nuraz
Apr 11, 2012