I Can't Help But Help

I ran away from home, just a few hours before I saw her. A girl with no shoes, pants were torn, and the dirtiest shirt I've ever seen. She was sitting on front of the subway stairs with a some-what white hankerchief on front of her. I was so mad at my parents ( I refused to take money from them) The thought of becoming a beggar acutally crossed my mind.. however very briefly. I didn't  want to end up like REDD ( our neighbourhood hobo ) .

I wanted to give her something, anything I could do to help but,  I was so poor then, I didn't even have lint in my pocket. Being the idiot that I am, I went back home, luckily my parents didn't take me seriously.They thought I was insane..  I guess I didn't prove them wrong, when they saw me carrying her on my back.

Sometimes helping people makes Me happy but usually, I have a guilty concious when I don't or when I pass up an opportunity.

It's my weakness.

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1 Response Mar 31, 2010

great story finish, let's help people who need help!

Really finish...Exceptional Story...Dear...Now i should do some thing like Same...And also post mine story..!! :)