Wear The Other Shoes

I do try very hard whenever I'm in conflict to try and see the other viewpoint.  I find imagining what it's like to be them very useful in achieving this.  Ultimately it's a courtesy though and unreturned courtesies usually dry up.

In the case of more general issues I do try and do this as well.  However in some cases one side has had their say for so long that I become much more interested in the other side.  This also applies when one side has been grossly unfair to an extensive and extended degree....
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2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

Aww thanks. I think it's soooo important to look at things from a sort of "round perspective" and try to see all sides but in the end.....we need to stick to views and opinions that serve us and define who we are. Trying to walk in somebody elses shoes, to be better able to understand....doesn't always mean we wanna keep them on!!

so true lol. yes always a temporary thing if we adopt their approach or ideal they become our shoes.

Seeing the "other side" is great but sometimes looking at it realistically leaves us favoring the opposite side to it too! Understanding a certain view sometimes just reaffirms why we didn't agree with it to begin with!

That is a beautiful way to express it. Thanks so much sierra my friend =)