I need it so bad right now but my bf is at work.... Help
warmwetdeep warmwetdeep
22-25, F
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what could I do for you ?

hey care to chat ??

Oh damn - I only have fifteen minutes before my partner wakes up! Hope you are ready for me to plunge into the pool :)

Happy to help you

I wish I could help a married woman in need!

You need to be near me...

Get over here and spread them

Where are you? Get to work!

You realise this website isn't a dating website, right? This is a place where people come to talk to other people and get help that can be applied to life, not just a place where people can sext.

Why did you click on a topic called 'I ALWAYS WANT SEX' then...

love the come back

She's right

I'm hearing the Price is Right fail song....She's got you!

True your a troll.

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I will be glad to **** you

I'm in California

Shut the **** up. Realty

Im not looking to buy property atm, thanks

What help can we do? I'm curious.

If you happen to be in the Omaha, Nebraska, area, I'd be happy to come over.

no im not... :(

I figured as much. :(

I wish I could! :)

I'm sure everyone would love to help you out.

I would love to give you whatever it is you want

Where do you live?


Too bad. I'm in Massachusetts.


I know, right?!

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Id love to help ;)


too bad Im not in florida