Put me to bed wet. I'll be needing a wake up call by morning. Feel free to wake me up day or night.
BlondeSweetheart BlondeSweetheart
46-50, F
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My kinda women

Maybe you have a problem?

No. I have a healthy sex drive.

I will!

i would wake you up day and night!!!

What a wonderful thought . I love your philosophy so much . You are an ideal woman

I'd **** you all the time babe, I like sex.

you are a dream come true

Sounds amazing.

I made my ex go to bed either naked or with no panties on so I could slip it in anytime during the night or in the morning she didn't mind at all

What a lucky girl.

I was the lucky one never had a problem taking care of that middle of the night or morning hardon

So when do we get to play. Daddy is always horny

Have you ever wondered why the need is so high?

Sex just keeps getting better the older I get. I want a lot more than I'm getting. An unfulfilled need.

as long as it does not become an addiction....married?

Married yes.

So reaching out to others...other than hubby? Very naughty...or is he not interested in taking care of your needs?

No. I'm just expressing myself. No extra marital affairs will be had.

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Damn, wish ya were near!

Mmmm your my kind of woman I love morning sex

Mmmm your my kind of woman I love morning sex

a great state of mind and body for either woman or man to be in, primed and ready for sex . (~:

I would be waking you up all night long as I am waking up about eight times in the night fully hard


*#advice section*......if you find yourself alone in a small bed ,sleep with your back to the wallย ,your hard-on will prevent you rolling over the other way and falling on the floor.

Double bed lol

Love to get you wet before you go to bed...

How shall I wake you ...gently stroking my tongue tasting our juices๐Ÿ˜€?

You may be creative

Babes id lay on a night still inside you as you sleep ๐Ÿ˜ id just slowly ride your ***** till my horny **** spurted hot *** inside you still sleeping and fall asleep still inside you so when you wake in the morning you can work my **** hard again with your wet well cummed ***** and wake me grinding your ***** back on to my **** ๐Ÿ˜‹ till we're both ******* hard again till we both *** together, then shower ๐Ÿ˜Š

Good to be put away full of wetness. :) having it just dripping out all night long..

Then slide right back in any time in the night.

yes... and which hole would you like them to slide it back into. :)