You have the next two days off. I'd like sex at least 6 times before it's over.
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We're u at my blonde mild

I hope you are my wife i will make you ****** 6 times per a day at least. I love a girl who wants sex every day

My kind of lady ;)

It disgusts me how the top post in my feed is always something inappropriate. I'm not in that mood, nor did I go on EP looking for this content. Wouldn't pornhub be a much better medium for getting these feelings off?

You can block adult content in your preferences.

Hell yes, your wish is my command

Sounds like the perfect weekend.

I'll **** u repaeatedly

Pick me I'll help u out

Whoever that admonition is specifically directed toward, I sincerely hope realizes just how lucky they are!

There are a lot of things that would be more fun

Like what? What's more fun than great sex? Hogwash. Lol

Almost anything
I would go boating or fishing or a walk on the beach

Something where i can enjoy the outdoors and nature

Sex is stuck indoors doing the same old thing that i never liked anyway


You can have sex in nature!
And on a boat.
And on the beach
And ...

What's not to enjoy?

I just never liked it at all
I can perform if i must but its just that a performance. I get nothing from it.

I haven't hat to for 5 years now since my wife found a boyfriend. I am thrilled.

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i hope you get 8

That sounds fine to me!

Step right up. Check you pm sweetheart

At least 6? I'd want it at least 6 times a day. Lol

What are you going to do on the second day ...recover haha😜👍

3 one day. 3 the next

That's a bit structured isn't or is it two different men I wonder?!😄

Lol. No. Just an unrealistic desire.

Don't understand why it's unrealistic?!

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I'd throw it in ya many more times that that

That's awesome I'm willing to help

You're a real monster...! lol !!

Me too. What do you think we should do about it?

Guess husband will be working

Funny told me she was married hmm nympho looking for sex...if not no biggie just don't lie

I'm not asking for it. I'm expressing my desires.

Your on babe. I'm game for that.

Just tie me down then you can have what ever you want

Nothing wrong with that

Id love to be one of your sex encounters this weekend 😊 your gorgeous and id love to spend the night with you ❤

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