The television is on the fritz, and I'm sitting here with all my thoughts.
"We should just go have sex until bedtime." I suggest.
"Is that you're suggestion for everything?" He asks.
I guess not. Sigh.
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Sex sounds wonderful! I want it right now! :)

Hummmmmmmm. I think you should put on a low cut blouse and say you're going out. See what he says then. Go to a classy hotel lounge and see if he follows you. If he sees other men hitting on you, maybe he will understand his comments may have consequences.
And, no, you don't have to cheat, either. But if you get him to compete for your attention...

What a beautiful idea!!

I would break the TV just for the opportunity!

hope the tv stays on the fritz

Naked with you having sex all day is better than any movie

Do you do anything else besides having sex?

If you got enough that you don't why do anything else but sex it's lovely sure you can go on cruise n but then sex there. Also! A most wonderfull feeling!

Seems like a reasonable suggestion on your part

Where were you when I was looking for a girl to spend my life with?

Umm probably in grade school. ;)

So what's your plan with this attitude ?
How will you seek consistent satisfaction .
You are obviously hit


I love your suggestion. I like your thinking.

Yes i dont get it... Dosent matter whose suggestion it is sex, is always the right answer

It's frustrating to have a partner whose passion does not equal yours.

I know that's why I need a partner like you!


Why LOL? I love to make love al the time for hrs!

Yup. Me too


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I will

Are you wearing him out? The poor thing😀

Yes. It seems so.

Wish I could help you out...

It sounds like a great suggestion to me!

Only a fool would turn that down

Got that right!

Hmmm... Is he angry or annoyed about something? Maybe talk it out first. You'll probably end up making love anyway.

I wore him out already.

Best wishes to you. I hope you and he are able to draw closer together.

Tv rots the mind anyway, why not do something more fun, that has benefits for the mind and the body? Were built for *******

Great idea! Message me

That one suggestion works just fine and is fun anytime of day or night.

That's heartbreaking. I would grab your hand and lead you to the bedroom

Why not? Who is that guy?


Is he worth it?

There is nothing better in this world than to be inside a lovely woman.

That's ashame, I thought it was a great idea. No better thing to do as far as I'm concerned.

There's a lot worse things to do.

Sex is always a good thing to do.. Morning, afternoon or night.. ;) Any time is the right time for it.

Omg you are so right and a lot fewer things to do that are better. I guarantee if you had said that to me, 3 seconds to get face down between your thighs...