"I haven't had my coffee yet." You mumble.

I reach down to embrace you wrapping my arms around your neck. I cradle my breasts in my hands.

"I think if you suck hard enough on these, caffeine comes out."
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World's. Best. Latte. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

That would be a lot of sucking, but I am game!

Or milk?

Mmm I can attest to that! Caffeine does *** out. Works that way if you suck hard enough on me too

Wow! You are a dream!

I like your stories. Thanks for sharing. It's very enticing.

If it worked, you might just be the perfect woman. If it didn't, well, perfection is so overrated. ;-)

Who needs coffee when I have sex with you. Let me please you now. Coffee later.

Sounds nice for some but i will pass
I dont like sex at all. Can we have a nice coffee and chat instead




Will to try them out and see if coffee does come out

you can suck it out of me

You are just a tease as hell these words send the damn chill down there and wow:P.

Interesting theory - I think I should test it out!

I would prefer milk!!!!!

Caffeinated milk? Lol

Straight from the nipple

if you say so xo

sent you a message to two

I don't know about caffeine but something is certainly going to come out

Wow my two favorite things caffeine and breasts great read thanks

I would take that cream in my coffee!!

It would be amazing to have breast milk in my coffee and enjoy it together

And then it would get crazy from there. You would climb onto my lap to share the coffee with your buttons all undone and I would enjoy your breasts


I've had beautiful breast milk in my coffee 🍵

hell yeah!