Witch is better makeup sex or sex
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great sex!!!

Both! Sex is destressful and I know the Bible and Koran claim it sinful, but who gives a damn, lol? :D

Got the heart. Will you message me or remove restrictions?

Hope you are feeling better star. nI also love sex and want it all the time. Make up sex because of the passion for people that are together for awhile. Sex for early on or new relationships cause excitements still big. I'll prove it. Message me

I think both kinds are great.... I mean if ya be horny... You just go for it...

Makeup is better for sure

Fighting about what position to do, keeps the circle going. Make up is intense

Make up sex

I think so too

I find there is more passion becasue you feel like you need to try

Why aren't you getting it a lot right now?

Because my boyfriend works a lot till he's off probation for work he just started not long ago

Are you at least helping yourself!?!?


You should message me sometime. I think we could help each other out occasionally lol


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All sex is great!

I saw you don't get it a lot right now:( why is that?

I would take both 😍❤️

I would take any. Lol.

Lol u must be single I have a b f but don't get it a lot right now

Lets just say nearly sexless marriage

Aww I'm sorry to hear that 😂

It's okay. Beennkike that since we got married. No reason why or at least given

I haven't had it since u got married

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