It can be a curse . Mostly a blessing but sometimes a curse. Independent women gets tired of helping themselves. 😉
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Would you enjoy undressing me and drawing me
when you have finished taking off all my clothes?

Well then you should find a someone to help you! I'd be happy to volunteer ;)

Hey sexy!! I'd love to chat!!

Pm me sexy

so ture

I want to have sex with you !!!!

Who doesn't? Good sex that is.

Yes, you need others to help keep your body well pleasured and satisfied! May you find many talented lovers to help and help often.

Thank you.

Get your iron levels checked

Haha serious? Ok thanks doctor - i was wondering if it was a medical condition.

I love it too- but have met many women who don't- you are unique!!

I know many women like me. You may be looking at the wrong places.


I same it so nice to do

I'd love to help you ;)

I'd love to help you ;)

I'm your man I'll help u

SpreAd open and I'll fill the void

I want to cure u curse!

Men get tired of eating for the women to say help me out and do it

Can we get together ?

Eating for the women?

Another auto correct change made on me . I must have been saying something like waiting on women

Hard for me to remember
I hate auto correct


I'd help u out

Do u have ur own private jet or are you going to teleport?

we're do u live

Where do u?

north Dakota USA

Hmm that is approx. 1700 mile from me.

Ya that's some distance

How about michigan

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You're not alone!!