I want it now but I'm a virgin if anyone is willing to teach me
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I am willing to teach you everything

I'm a virgin too,, not in FL. I'll learn with you, we'd start off with you riding on top first, then go from there! ;)

I am willing to teach you

I don't know if you can handle what I teach.

Me too


would be pleased to, but I am in the UK

we can take it from stage to stage

It's not really something that can be taught. In my life I went through this whole **** phase so I got my practice but I believe you should have sex with someone you love. Make sure you love them and make sure they love you. It's way more passionate that way.

Isn't it interesting that quite a number of people want to have sex without matrimonial (one man-one woman) commitment and trust for one another.

Im very open if you have any questions

i'd love to teach you ;) you should add me on skype so we can have some fun

I'm also a virgin but I've read enough to where I think I can help. Care to learn together ;)

Yes there's lots you should know and lots to learn too...add me to start..and I'll help you...

Hi there pm me

What do you need to learn about it comes naturally

I would love to teach you.

Awesome body I'd love to play with u

You don't need teaching, it will come naturally.

Add me please

Don't take the first volunteer, get to know little bit before doing it.

I'm sure you'll find someone one day, and he or she will teach you everything you need to know, in life you'll come across the nice and the weird, just choose wisely, good luck

You'll get dozens of volunteers to teach you

Yeah what with all the guys volunteering you would think some would be near by and willing to do it now but I'll probably still be a virgin by next year

I know what you mean I can't find anyone who lives near me to act out sexual fantasies and desires either. Where do you live?

Your perfectly fine sweety! Its completly normal how you feel. So please wait until you find someone who you can trust and who really knows you!

I want to teach you, have plenty of experience, add me so we can talk

let's talk pm

I'll teach u

inbox me gorgeous

I'll help you out

I don't really know how to have sex like what sounds am I supposed to make and what am I supposed to say I think I would make it awkward actual


we should chat I'd explain it

I know it's not as easy as just snapping your fingers, but as far as stressing over doing everything right, don't. Just do what comes naturally.