I'm so ******* horny right now but I'm at school
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14 Responses Mar 15, 2016

Done with school now and still horny? I'm older and will play.

Why is that stopping you. Naughty places are more fun

First world probs

3rd world - there is no school and you're a Sex slave . True story. #stoptheslavery

Why not use that to your advantage. I'm sure there are one or two hot teachers that you could play with.

I'll be waiting for you after school

Dilemma :/ can't say I've ever ****** In school, we did once in college

I wish I could help you with that.

So have some horny fun in school. Its hot!

Be sure to tell us when you get off!

Babe in box me I'll get u off

We can virtual play with you at your desk ;-).

No reason as to why you can't slide your finger down your pants and rub your swollen little **** a bit

I would love to relief you from that

finger yourself under your desk ;_