It's not even funny how fast I can get turned on. I'll be in class and it will just hit me. I'll go to the bathroom and run my hands all over myself trying to provide so help. I get so wet and rub myself.
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I know the feeling!

Wish I was security there .. I would catch you ... Take you to the security office and ask you lots horny questions to make you wet .. .. I would have a raging hard on ... Then call in my two co workers and make you ***** down ... Three hard ***** for you to suck on as we take turns on your holes.... You wouldn't be able to stop ******* on our ***** ... We would have you in my office a lot mmmm Dp baby

after awhile it will get really bad if you dont try to control it

Wish I was in class with you


Skype hotrod69771

Use your teacher to help you.
I helped one of my students.

story time

Fairy story?

Come and play

That sounds fun

My type of woman

You sound very healthy and fit.

I would like to chat about that


can I message you


Babe friend me too

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