I always want sex....when that uptight gray over blue with the warm black stripe running yhe flanks of yhe modest yet mind blowing sexy skirt wearing ***** delivers my mail. For real I have mailed certified letters to myself so I can sign for them. And when I do I am always confused and need to turn side to side with her so she can show me where to sign. I try my best to have shorts on around the time she delivers the mail. just so my calf can graze her rediculiusly smooth tan toned legs. my God woman don't need your feet rubbed. they have to ache. I bet they do but I bet they don't have one bump or callius on them.
you are such a cold *****. why don't you smile. why don't you frown. why can't you wipe of that stern emotionless Patrician face. that perfect face brings me to the edge of blasphemy G-D forgive me my doubts of course she is your creation but wear is your flaw. the one you gives all. let me know hers.
I always want sex when that ***** brings the mail.
DirtyRead DirtyRead
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good lord ask her how's her day! give her a bottle water! talk .. you never know what might happen !!

you don't understand I have about the most I or any one can get out of her is short and cunsise answers and only when not replying would be rude. "Hello great day we are having

Oh for crying out load I am going to murder this phone. I just waist 16 mins typing only to have my phone decied to be a book editor and sliced off more then half I will type the rest on a few

I love smart phones or Stupid phones .. makes message fun

oh yes