In All Forms,

I started out collecting the classics in paperback, then I moved on to hardback, but lately I have stared collecting them as electronic books (audio books, books on tape).  I really like them in this format because I can share them with my grams that can no longer read often due to her eyesight.  We can listen to these either on my Ipod or when I make a CD for her of them and then we can talk about them together.  This is one of the few times she is calm.  So I collect the classics in all forms.

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She is in her late 80's. She would like that a lot although I have to do all the downloading etc.<br />
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I used to get them from Amazon and Itunes a lot but I have been purchasing some from another site I found. I don't think i can mention the URL here but you have my contact so if you want to know I will share that with you.

Where do you get them at?