A Childish Hope

I think part of my fixation with unreal characters is the fact that I could always pretend that they were my older brother. Fred and George Weasley? The coolest older brothers ever! Peter Pevensie? Protective and wise and strong...exactly what I need.
 See..being the oldest, and being a girl, it's been tough. I've been the one to forage ahead, sniff out the road, test the waters. I've had to stand guard at night and watch over the younger ones. I've had to fend for myself, then share it with the younger ones. I've had to bear the brunt of the world, had to make sure that the dreams and hopes of my siblings weren't crushed too early. I've had to grow up way to fast.
  I wanted an older brother to help share the weight. Like the Greek myth where Atlas had to hold the weight of the world. Once the weight was shared, the burden became lighter. I wanted an older brother to protect me, to ride bikes with and go to the park and watch X-Men and Star Wars with. I wanted an older brother, so much.

Still do, in fact.

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2 Responses Jan 3, 2012

having bros r not always awesome....including my cousins,i have 8 bros...sometimes they make ur life a living hell...but as u said,they r understanding and protective(sometimes way overprotective)...i love having a sis because they r caring,understanding,not too protective and am fed up with having only bros:(

me too!! i can so relate to this :(...oldest, always on the lookout for younger ones.....ive always wanted to have an older brother; protective, understanding, helpful and loving....im 26 and still do want one! plus this unreal fascination with film/tv characters....so weird, yet there :D

Hah, exactly. The fascination with unreal characters definitely stems from the want of an older brother. Good to know I'm not the only one. =)