Someone To Protect Me

Always Always wanted an older brother. I look back at highschool and see that all the girls who had one, never got picked on. I wanted someone to guide me, protect me, stand up for me, love me. I wanted the scene where he puts his arm around my shoulder and lets me wear his baseball cap. Stupid, lol. But I still want it My dad was once married before he met my mom (divorced now) and I never knew of it until a few years ago, they were kind of secretive about it so I got my hopes up that I might have some half siblings out there, maybe even an older brother. So I asked my mom about it and what the woman's name was, ugh..turns out I have no half siblings. Not a chance. My heart was broken.
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i have many older and younger bros(8 to be exact,including my cousin)...along with helping and protecting you,they will tease and fight with you and they can me very overprotective(sometimes it will be annoying)...if u have a elder cousin bro,just act like a little sis in front of him and he will act like a big bro(its a natural tendency)..:)

I know how you feel. I'm an only child too and I've always wished my mom would remarry so I would at least have an older step-brother.

I'm an only child I have always wanted a sibling preferrably a younger 1

No you don't want younger, I've got two of them..and they're not fun at all

trust me when I say it's better to have somebody then nobody at all

I'm the oldest in my family by at least 5 years, like extended family too. I have always had to protect everyone else... Even my mum! I love my brothers and sisters but ****! If I could have had a protector how awesome that would've been...

I know! I'm the oldest, big sister of two little brothers, they show no respect even tho I am their ELDER!