Wish He Was Really My Bro

I've always wanted to have a brother but got a little sister instead wich i love to death! But a brother would of been great that why my best friend is like my brother. The guys i hang out with all look at my as their sister no matter the age. And i love it. They may not be my real brothers for even blood related but they act just like it. There this one guy that truly has taken the brother seat in my life and i wouldnt be this far with out him. I call him bubba and talk to him all the time. He has been there for so much in the past few years. He wiped my tears, held me till i feel asleep, knocked a few guys for messing with me, picked my drunk *** off the ground. covered for me with my parents, put me in my place, teased the hell out of me, made life hell yet made it fun. Every time i turn hes right there playing the brother role and being protective. We've gotting pissy drunk at the came acted fools in public fussed and fight like cats and dogs but at the end of each day we come even closer. We've shared secrets and fears. We planned our lives and talked about our goals we give each other the kick in the *** we need when we think we cant do something. We want to be there for each other for everything. He is like my fathers son, my sisters big brother, my moms boy, but most importantly hes my bubba and my best friend. Through thick and thin we've made it, punches and lick we came out laughing, funny faces and tears we came out on top. Through everything our friendship has lasted hes my bubba and im his sissy bron from different mothers with different blood running through us but in the end we found each otehr we protect each other and support each other at the end of the day I can smile and say my brother helped me through this hard day, he kept my head up high, reminded me that Jarid will be ok, Wiped away my tears and fears and kicked me in the *** to get me back to reality. lol I love this boy almost as much as i love my husband no matter where life takes us we will alwasy have each other to help us keep our life in order. I love you chase micheal norris my brother, my best friend, my touch to reality.

browneyegirl89 browneyegirl89
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2009