Jim"ll Fix It For You And You And You...but Not Me! Bah!

 Back in the day all this eight year old little girl wanted was A super shiny Jim"ll fix it bagde! All gleaming on the red ribbon around my kneck! I wrote religiously week after week. If my memory servs me right my wish was to go up into the sky in a hot air balloon. It never happened! Not for me anyhow! But to rub salt into my wounds the spoilt rich kid in my class at school got her wish! To say i was sick with envy was putting it mild lol. The only bit of pleasure i had w2as knowing she was has sick has a dog with sea sickness when she had her wish granted of cruising on a boat.wink

Blondevixon Blondevixon
31-35, F
9 Responses Jul 31, 2010

At least you didn't get the molestation to go with the badge.

BV you can fix it for me lol i would love to wear that badge lol , jimmy saville s a chav anyway

Er...no thanks i quit lol....on second thoughts lets have a good long drag on it!!

Got it.. "Fragil fix it!"... Genius!!!

I look bloody good in a Shell suit to... Twiggy got me a few knock offs..lol..<br />
Wanns puff on my cigar! lmao

Lol fragil, maybe you could be the "Jim"l fixit" of today? Can just see you in that chair jangling all your gold hahah.

My wish would be, "Dear Jim, Please fix it for me to poke Bruce Forsythe in the eye". lol..<br />
How about an adult version of the show...lol.. oh the possabilities. "Dear Jim, Please fix it for me to have a ********* with BV and Kylie Minogue" ... ,Oh, like that idea.

Yeah wib i really thought i was robbed with that one lol! And yeah nudy and pixie couldnt help but feel a tad smug about that one heheh!

aw BV ... that's cute ... I used to want a Blue Peter badge and never got one ... life's disappointments ... what can you do? lol