Elder Sisters

I am tejas bharghav, I am lonely, because I don't have brother nor a sister . I always wanted to share my personal feeling with a elderly sister. So that she can show me a path of good ways and I can tell my experienced good path to her . I do have cousin sister but she is affected to money too much in which I don't have it , so I am lonely . Sitting in my room alone and I always kept on writing a diary called 'ORBIT' , that I need a sister. A hearty thanks to my orbit and EP soo much so I can write this . I am childess and lonely I am the only boy to my parents. And I always feel lonely when I am alone and wished to have a twin sister or just a friendly sister . So I walk in good path seeking help of a good friendly elderly sister and share my good ways to her. that's it i had in my heart.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

me too