Childhood Dreams

I got so desperate for one as a child I dragged a plank up a (very small!) tree in our garden and sat on it imagining it was something greater- unfortunately the tree didn't cope with this too well and blew down in a gale shortly after!
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3 Responses Nov 20, 2007

I still wouldn't mind one now...

Ah happy days eh...thats a nice story. : )<br />
<br />
Yes I really was desperate- I think I must have weakened the tree and cracked its roots, poor thing. ...Incidentally it was a laburnum tree (poisonous) and I had already survived eating some of its seeds when I was even younger!!

ROFL! Oh, childhood ingenuity! My sister and her friend once balanced lawn chairs up in a very big DEAD tree, and sat watching the traffic drive down below! WOW, did Mom get her for that one! lol. In this case, they had the furniture... they just forgot to build the house around it! ;)