Omg Pleas Read This I Need Help

OMG ok so I've had this friend for a year so I thought it was time to tell her who I really was so I did when I was done she said she will be right back I said ok she went home and got cloths makeup just she brought everything I could ever imagin well we were dressed up and talking and having fun I thought I was in heaven then she brings a camera out and starts to take full pics of me in panties and dresses and skirts and she takes one of me with my hair done I ask her why she taking pics she says so that we can remeber this day I say ok well she keeps taking pics for a few by the time we were done hanging out it was in the evening and she says she has to go home I tell her to show no one these pics or tell any one about me she says ok and gives me a hug and runs home about two hours later I get on the schools website to do a project and see the pictures on the schools homepage and I am scared because in the morning every kid has to get on the home page to sign in and we have school tomorrow what am I going to do please I need help before six o clock I am crying my eyes out and the worst thang is my parents don't know who I really am I can't stop crying
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Did she leave you clothes so you can go to school in a dress?

Sucks for you is all i can say

The cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and yes there is no way to put it back. But you'll come through it fine and no doubt it should open some new avenues of communication between you and your parents, the teachers and administrators of your school.<br />
My experience, though I didn't quite realize it at the time was when I was served lemons, by being honest and truthful I had made lemonade. You can too ... yes I care.

OK you need a list. tell your parents first they will still love you and help you. then report her to the school, that is bulling and it is wrong. if any one says any think to you about the pic just say we were playing dress up and you should have seen her and leave it at that, BUT DO NOT DENIED DOING IT. it will blow over in a day or too and you will be OK

I don't know if they've done a similar study with transgendered individuals, but there's nothing wrong with who you are. It's silly to think that there is. Many children have grown up feeling like they want to be the opposite sex than their biological sex, this is completely normal.

In fact, they've done studies on that exact thing. For example, there was a study among males whom they surveyed about how homophobic they were. They then put measure things on their sexual organs and made them watch homosexual ***********. The ones who were most homophobic got turned on the most by the films. What does this prove? They may be homosexuals themselves, internalized homophobia. If you don't believe me search for the terms: Human Sexuality study of homophobia in google and some stuff comes up.

If there's anything I learned in my Human Sexuality class it's this: Love who you are because there's nothing wrong with you. Don't ever be ashamed of yourself, be proud of who you are. Don't you dare let some ***** tear you down. Don't let her win. Don't even show that you're angry and upset with her. Just ignore her and pretend she doesn't exist. She'll be confused as to why you aren't angry and crying. Be strong.

Also, maybe shes insecure with who she is, and so she feels the need to tear you down. When people act that way it's their own problems surfacing. She's ashamed that she maybe enjoyed seeing you in those clothes. Maybe afraid of having a crush on you. She's probably afraid of what everyone will think of her.

Nah don't end it all. She sounds like the worst friend ever. You're gunna get through this. Also, maybe before your parents find out this way, you should tell them yourself. Also, you can admit and own up that you made a mistake in trusting her. it's not your fault shes a total ***** for doing something like that to you. Have faith in knowing that she'll get hers sooner or later. Also, report her to the school, since you know it was she who took the pics, and that you had no idea she was going to do that with them.