Too Old For Girlhood.

I'm way to old to be a girl but I hope to experience womanhood very soon. I have a plan to force myself to live as a woman for the entire week around Halloween. I am already assembling my wardrobe. Even ordered some breast forms. I am going to my first every appointment at a beauty salon for a new feminine hairstyle and makeover and I want to make sure it is semi-permanent. I can't trust myself not to change my mind. The idea is to look so much like a woman that I have to present as one. Someone who is age appropriate. I expect I will have to go out often, grocery shopping, discount stores for more clothes, tobacco and alcohol too. Of course I'll have to go places I don't frequent now which means I'll be doing more driving as well. If the neighbors see me, what the hell, it's halloween!
I looking for a costume ball so I can meet people to socialize and maybe dance with. I'm pretty unsteady in heels though so I'll need a few pairs of low heels or flats. One of my online girlfriends thinks I should get my body hair wax. I'm not sure I could handle that but I am considering it. I hope the makeup lasts longer than the week. I am looking forward to the experience so much!
PinksWoman PinksWoman
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

Alright already. I'll have the waxing done. Too many girls have urged me to do it. Another new experience, right. By the way, my first meeting with TriEss is tomorrow and I am so looking forward to meeting the girls. I went out this morning and bought a red skirt suit at a thrift store and shoes and a purse to match. I plan to ask everyone for salon recommendtions.