I Have Wanted to Be a Girl From the Age of 7

from that age i thourght that what happens the boy would want to be female and the girls be boys. but as i have found out that is not what happens. that was just me so from the age of 8 or 9 i tryed to be a boy. then from the age of 11 to 18 i have been wearing girls clothes in my room in secret. now its to to step out of my shell and show the world who i am and what i am.

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If you are truly female then the feeling is persistent, and doesn't disappear after you play and ***. I'm older now and should have transitioned a long time ago but there was less assistance and acceptance in the 60-70's and no internet. I haven't had surgery because of the cost but want to die when it's my turn with *****.

Estrogen affects the body slowly over many months and years. The obvious first effects are sore nipples that then swell. Later the whole breast gets bigger and skin goes softer. The feelings are very plpleasant and accompanied by less aggression. I like having less
libido and smaller male parts that push into the body. There is some weight gain as fat stores under the skin in all the right places, not in the belly.

go out & meet other like minded people in your area( maybe working 'girl's')& talk 2 them , if u can find someone 2 go out with they will give u help , support & tip's , it's easyer when there are two or more of you togeather, just make sure you can trust that person , i only said working 'girl's' because they are easyer 2 find

Go for it. Be true to your true self. Don t miss out on the life you would like to lead

Me too answer some of my questions and story's

be ur slef if u wanna b a girl make it happen dont be scard of wat other people think u coould b passing up the best decision in ur life

i also want to be a girl from age 12 ive have been wearin panties an thongs an dressses an skirts sence i was 13 im 24 now i wear s an xs undies i try to always make it look like im a girl between my legs it helps not havein to b remined im a boy every time i pull my pants off i have a girly figure an i think like a girl most of the time i like the color pink an pink dresses i also like skimpy clothes im not gay nor have ever been with a dude i wish sometimes i just dident have any boy parts between my legs i want a sex change but its so hard to have done i like havein sex with girls but i would much reather b one if i was a girl i guess i wouldent have a problem lettin a dude **** me an if i was a girl i would do everything a girl should i want to find a girl that wants me to get a sexchange 2 be with her i like takein hormonal birthcontrol cause it makes all my boy parts shrink an i usally wont get hard eather i want to figure out a way to make my testicals not work anymore to stop testroine an beaning able to reproduce or get erections all the time if i could have my nuts cut off i totally would in a heart beat anything to make me less a boy an my panties will fit better

I have concluded that l am a closet lesbian in a male body.

I have read that estrogen will smooth out your body and all, but what internal effects does it have if someone could say if they know? I used to have to take testosterone since mine was low, but haven't done that in over a year.

Hmmm. I was thinking about taking estrogen. Has anyone tried that? What are the effects and how fast do they occur?

i'm not a DR but i have tryed female hormone pill's ( in weak dose) when i was younger & friend's have taken normal dose 4 longer, did nothing 4 me & have given friend's big nipple's on one & small boob's on another , you have 2 keep taking
them & in stronger dose's , wished i had keep up but piked out early then started again & they made me very sick ( old pill's)

I totally understand

I totally understand. For me it was at about age 5.

You look like I wished I did!