I Wish I Was A Woman Do I Have To Take My Sexuality Secret To My Grave.

I am a fifty nine year old male, who ca remember from the age of five wishing he was a little girl, and now wishing he was a woman. I have been married 35 years love my wife have two grown up children, but oh how I wish I had been their mother. I would love to be able to enjoy the softer gentle life of a woman, I hate being the so called hard, manly part of the partnership. I would love to be able to make myself attractive, look feminine, wear very feminine clothes and shop for ladies clothes. Be able to cry and love in the most intimate woman's way. All my life I dream and think what it would be like, but alas will never know. Are there any more people feel the same way. Let me know.

All my careing thoughts,  Terry

terrif terrif
56-60, M
Feb 22, 2010