EPeep To Do List

I have an ever growing list of things I would like to do

with some of the fine people of The Experience Project:

Datura~~~ garden tour

CowBell~~~ go for a ride on the back of his bike

LilAnnie~~~ go dancing

Nyxie~~~ sing-a-long to old Bowie and help her paint her hobbit house

Emerald~~~ drink beer with rednecks

Myonis~~~ gabfest at her gazebo

Peaceonearth~~~ make a short film

WhatNot~~~ invite him for Sunday dinner

Kypton~~~camping in the mountains

BrutMystic~~~poetry reading

AlDente~~~ ****  **  ***** ****

Whacko~~~ play Pictionary

ElLagarto~~~ Make him watch "Juno" again...he didn't get it

Moonshadoe~~~sit on the loveless loveseat with him

Hoofy~~~ help him shovel sand

Drew~~~ photo shoot in the orchid house

Lostbird~~~ watercolor painting

Dopecounselor~~~ spend a day at work with her

Somewhatbent~~~ add a few more women to his wall of dead people

Tearaway~~~ set her up on a date with one of my sons

Whendolynn~~~ take her to Alton Brown's studio

JoJo~~~ attend a meeting with the six Democrats in our state and protest something...anything.

JourneyFullofLaughter~~~ bring you back to the party


I have made some cool new friends this past year.  I still stand by my previous list,  but wanted to add a few more "to do's"...

Frito~~~ shopping at the Goodwill store

Faucon~~~ go fishing

Grunt~~~ take him to a folk art exhibit and call him "Mad Dog"  the whole time

Lauren~~~ show her the "Garden of the Gods"

Speechless~~~ make sock puppets

Hurldog~~~ chase geese

Destry~~~crank up some Zeppelin

Underconstruction~~~ foreign film fest, with chocolate.

EPArsineh~~~ relieve her of the banning job for one day

Squiggly~~~ watch some old Hepburn movie and tickle her feet

Scoobs~~~ sip some fine, fine wine and talk about the weather

Onceandfutureglow~~~ play date

HappySailor~~~my first sailboat ride

Sleepless~~~share stories about all the little people we love

DolphinTracey~~~have her show me her favorite place


To be continued...to do lists never end, right?

Lilt Lilt
98 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Wow! So many from your list has come and gone since this story was written! I felt almost like reading an epitaph! :( But they were wonderful tributes to these folks and a great list on your part!
BTW, the rednecks' new drink is Apple Pie Moonshine! 20 dollars a jar! But it is nummy! ;) lol

Ha! Sounds like the redneck's palate has matured like a fine wine. Do they serve it in smaller jars?

Mason pint jars, lilt !! Is there any other suitable glass??? ;)

Awww, I hadn't ever seen this, Lilty. It is adorable. I'd like us to do an art project together , personally. Say! Let's do an art project while munching those tater tot yummy things you once wrote about!

This list is almost 4 years old. Lots of these fabulous people are not here anymore. :-(
The one's that are, well, they are waiting for the EP Social Security benefits to kick in.

But there are new friends like you. Art project, sure! I have about 40 birdhouse gourds in my garage. Let's start there.

I'm ready for that EP S.S. check! I'll sit in my rocker and watch the birds fly to your gourds! ;)

" EP Social Security benefits" ROF ! You funny gal....

Pretty comprehensive list this.

Relieve EPArsineh of her duties. Full stop. She would not even respond to questions raised re changes in EP. I had withdrawn my subscriptions due to it. But, was quick to remind me that being a supporter had loads of benefits.... for them is what she must have meant.

Harding, notice I said I would relieve Arsineh for ONE day. I have a lot of respect for what she does, even what she doesn't do. I don't know why Armen won't get her damned help.

um...yes. In light of your recent adventure, I'll pass. I don't have time for any trips to the hospital.<br />
Actually, I don't have much time for anything right now. Dinner would be lovely. What are we having?

Of course!

Are they wild geese?

Oh man! That is priceless!!! I would love to see that footage!<br />
<br />
Just because you float doesn't mean you are safe... You had better change into your blaze orange sock...<br />
<br />

Al and I have been hanging out for almost 25 years He took me on a boat once...and fell asleep at the wheel. True. I have film footage to prove it.<br />
The only life preserver I need is a tacky coaster with a hole.<br />
I float.

Awww.... AD got asterisks and I just get to go sailing again????<br />
I'm sorta feeling cheap and used in a "non-asterisk" sorta way....<br />
:o)P*<br />
<br />
I would love to Doll.... We even have the perfect puppet preserver....<br />

What's your favorite?

*loves playdates!!!*

Frito, the funny thing about EP.....<br />
.something is always happening, yet nothing really happens.<br />
But pack appropriately just in case.<br />

Hahaha I miss one day here and look what happens...chocolate...both bunnies and sould, pinot grigio???? hey I'm in...packing right now! :)

Go for it, Faucon! This is great fun :-)<br />
<br />
Big fingers? Maybe. Or maybe they need to update their reading glasses like me...about once a month!

When, I believe anything Alton says.<br />
I just noticed someone voted this story as "sad." Hmmmm. <br />
Maybe Hoofy doesn't want any help shoveling sand?

What a great dog...and you go and name her "Moosebutt???"

hahaha...this is way too funny ! What does she put in her cart?

Faucon, your dog pulls a cart?

Oh all right, how about April? Add one of those little side cars and bring Destry too.


I've been a pinot grigio fan for years. <br />
But now I'm loving the grapefruit in the SB's. What's a lush to do?

I like both of those. Yummy :-) I am making a Pinot Grigio so maybe we should have that.

Whatcha serving up, Scoobs? I like a dry Sauvignion Blanc. Pinot Grigio?

I have a corkscrew right here. Cold enough for ya? :-)

You betcha!

Tyco, I know a lot of wonky birds.

erm.... chasing geese that swagger like homos :) that would be funny... not sure where you would find one of those though..

What could be more fun?

Hurldog~~~ chase geese<br />
<br />
I like this one lol

It's all good, my friends.<br />
UC...last night I heard Alton Brown describe his favorite chocolate pudding...<br />
" It's like sucking out the soul of a cute, little, solid chocolate Easter bunny."

Hahaha great list of friends new and older...better than Goodwill is the local thriftstore...best books ever! but I do think a convention of sorts is needed. :)

Oh, and don't forget the folks who want to become your friend so you can be ready... better get some valium....

Hell, I'm old, Myonis. I was looking for something else, and stumbled upon this. I was happy to see that most of my friends are still here. And I still want to do all these things. Oops, just thought of UC, need to add her...

Lilt, this is so old! *sigh* Sadly, come summer we will have to find a different gazebo. Maybe we should just make this one big convention in your back yard where we can all take a journey to the center of our minds while Mr. Lilt smokes what he thinks is pork.

We get to go to the redneck bar, right?<br />
What should I wear?<br />
Patchouli is a scent that hippies wear.<br />
Probably not too much of that at the redneck bar.

Where the heck have I been, I missed this! :O I'd be honored to share a beer with ya, lilt! And heck yeah, JJ can come along! :) The funnest part... peeling the LABELS! I'm a pro at that! lol<br />
What the heck is Patchouli?? I'm intrigued by the concept that you can get pin worms from eatting Raman Noodles raw! lol. You love gardening?? Cool, I'll show you how to use my latest gardening tool... a fire poker! Yes, you heard that right, but loooong story. You need estrogen?? I can provide enough for both of us every other hour... getting past the hot flashes. lol

Actually, we have a female cat.<br />
Long story about her...

That is painfully obvious. Are the pets also males?

You know Krypton, <br />
my house is severely lacking in estrogen.

If you were my mom Lilt I would let you set up an arranged marriage. Those boys don't know the match making gift they were born to. haha :P

His wife and kids shouldn't mind.<br />
He's always taking off on that bike.

Alton can show us some tricks. <br />
You already have his brine down. <br />
Maybe he will take us feasting on asphalt?!?

I am smart enough to know <br />
NOT to get involved in their adventures in love.<br />
How about that?

I think she's as brilliant as you... or at least nearly as much so. Hopefully you're right on all fronts! I'm sure you usually are, though... sorry I mistook it for a banana the first go-round. I was hungry.

You are doing just fine on your own, UFI.<br />
Do you actually think my sons would let me set them up?!?<br />
Would you let YOUR mom hook you up?<br />
I doubt it. Even if she is as brilliant as me.

Hey this is no fair! I'm not going for any doctorate and I've got nobody trying to sell me to Tearaway. I need to find a friend or get my mom on here.

Krypton wants to come to my wedding! Heheh! I think I've gotta do college and cut out my bad language first though eh Lilt.<br />
(I like Patchouli too.)<br />
(And High Fidelity. I read the book first and still liked the movie.)

When do we leave, salari? My gear is always packed.<br />
I'd love to share a dram. What is a dram?

How about sharing a dram by the banks of a clear mountain stream breathing clean fresh air ...... :o)

Loved "High Fidelity." Features one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs at the end.

I hear there's a hippie remedy to get rid of those headaches.

I never saw Hi-Fidelity, I don't like Ramen noodles, and Patchouli gives me a headache. :(

Thank you for commenting on your story. I have something different on my activity screen now. I love patchouli, but not ramen noodles.

Can I sell you a cup of Ramen noodles for $6 ??

I LOVE Patchoili.

Just easy on the Patchouli, freaks.

HAHA, that isn't what I meant. :P But yes this one is a real crazy hippy 40 year old. I am confident you would agree.

Myonis, I just want to share some asterisks with Al.<br><br />
<br><br />
Those crazy 40 years olds....<br><br />
you never know what to expect from them, Krypton.

Nope I have not gone to Burning Man, my plan was to go this year. The hubby won't go with. I have this crazy friend in his forties that has gone the past few years. They do a lot of drugs, but eh I can just wander around and look at the art for days.

You still haven't answered my question. You know, the one about **** ***** ******.

Sounds great, have you attended Burning Man before?

If tearaway marries one of your sons, I want to go to it. Pretty Please. <br />
There are some great places to camp at here, but I also very much want to go to Burning Man. I even left myself some extra days off this year in order to go with a friend that goes every year.

Yep!<br />
We got our own smoker awhile back, <br />
it's working out real well. <br />
The beef brisket has been the best so far.

ha! I'm going to hold you to it! We'll meet up some day soon and let them know what we think! Haha! Then we'll go have a great dinner somewhere! <br />
<br />
We also need to eat some Smoky Pig in PM!

Haha...we were both looking at it at the same time :)

There were not too many photos of the garden online, but it still looked awesome. I love art outside with nature. And her work is so organic, it looks like it really belongs there.

http://www.tate.org.uk/stives/hepworth/<br />
<br />
there is a little pic of the garden on here!

Ooh gosh you've got me there! Was some years ago that we went......I will have to dig out the photos if we have any.

Wow, I will have to look that up. I doubt I will be in the neighborhood anytime soon. My guess is that it was the generosity of her family that allowed everything to be open?

Yeah...its open to the public. Her workshop is just how she left it, coat hanging up and everything!<br />
I loved her garden.

Okay, we will do that instead.<br />
See how flexible I am?

You are too cool, Bird. <br />
Hepworth's work has always inspired me<br />
and you saw her GARDEN????

I was reminded then of Barbara Hepworth's garden in St. Ives Cornwall.......

Hell yeah!<br />
I am a size 8 1/2, <br />
how about you?

Oh lilt, shoe shopping sounds like fun! Can Nyx come with us??

MissYoo, wanna go see the BlueManGroup ?<br />
Everyone I know has seen them, but me.<br />
I could use a date for the show.<br />
<br />
Yes, Bird, I even have a secret garden you would like, just a mile away.<br />
I like to do watercolors there because they are very easy to carry around. There are lots of sculptures in the garden too. You will just love it.

Oooh water colour painting.....now there's a thought! Can we do it in your garden cos I'd love to see that!?

...didn't know what time it was<br />
the lights were low ow ow...<br />
I leaned back on my radio ow ow...<br />
some cat was laying down some<br />
rock and roll ow ow...<br />
or so he says

I'm still trying to figure out what **** ***** ****** means. I might want to try that with ballz.

TOO COOL! "Ziggy plaaaaayed, gui-taaaa-aaaar!" :)

Peedee....I don't want to go to work with you.<br />
We will shoe shop all afternoon and finish the day wine and dinner.

If I had a "take lilt to work day", she might find how boring my job can be sometimes.

I'm real sure.

Good choice.

Tearaway starts her first year next year :)

I'll make a double batch, Myo.

This Mom sure hopes so, tearaway. Right now they are finishing up their 2nd year of college.

Now I know why I stalk you. I'll just tag along, except for AlDente. I don't know what **** ***** ****** means, but I think I'll stay home on that one.<br />
Oh, and you have to bring the guacamole.

Heh. I mean, are both of them getting doctorates?

hmmm....no, I think you should probably just pick one.