Naughty Me

I am just an ordinary married woman, I do not want to swap partners. i do not like heavy ****. I am average looking. BUT i have an urge shared by my husband to get incontact wit other couples who like me want to lift up their skirts pull their knickers down and let others see their hot box. I want to ***** naked and show myself and let others see me, comment on my little jugs and show themselves off to us. I want my husband to pull his jeans down and show off his hot ****, and others husbands to do the same for me. I dont want faceless people, we want couples who are proud to show everything off and get hot like we do. our email is (one word) cam el ford at g mail dot com. will anyone write to us and send their photos? We would like couples from all over the world to write to us
nicenhot nicenhot
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Can I show you my hard ****?

Love your attitude. If more wives shared your openness, the world would be a happier place!

I think exchanging photos would be fun and erotic. Please friend me and take a look at my pics and let me know if we could make it happen. Thanks for considering...