I'd like to live on a Ridgetop!

I guess Jesse Colin Young must live in an A-frame.  If anyone knows of him?  He's got this song Ridgetop, it takes me right to my dream of living in an A-frame. 

I never got it out of my system.  Ever since I had a tour of this nice one up in Wrightwood, California, I was hooked.  Anyone been to Wrightwood? 


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2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Yes, I've been through Wrightwood. Not too pretty since the big fire went through there a few years ago. I live in SoCal for 25 years and finally, about 5 years ago, moved to the Appalachian Mountains in S.E. Virginia. I actuall live in an area known locally as "Sandy Ridge". Lots of mountain ridge tops here. There's even a nickname for some folks here "Ridge Runners". Has to do with running moonshine and NASCAR racing originating in this area.<br />
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I love the mountains and would wither away and die if I couldn't live in them. My house isn't an A-fr<x>ame although my husband and I plan someday to build a log cabin. A-fr<x>ames are nice to look at but very inefficient to live in. They trap heat at the very top level. Plus roof leaks can be a real job!

Gives a new perspective to "living out side the BOX".