I Remember

it gives me the illusion that im hidden from the world. I remember once I was on a fieldtrip with my class and the made me take off my hoodie and I felt sort of exposed because I couldnt hide in my to big hoodie I remember crying and feeling so embarrassed because that was my protection against the outside world they told me the only way to get my hood back was if I had cuts on my face like self inflicted so I was thinking of ways to cut my face so I could it back but they wouldn't leave me alone long enough to find anything so I walked into a huge cafeteria are with everyone staring at me it was basically the only time they had seen me without my hoodie and I felt like turning around a running away but I couldnt so I sat down and listened to what people had to say it was one of the most embarrassing days of my life.
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Keep wearing your hoodie and never give it up! :) ^_^

I know how that feels. Everyday I used to wear a jacket to school, I would never take it off during the day. I guess some people thought it was weird that I did this but I didn't care, it made me feel a bit more secure somehow. Now, I don't wear it during the school day that much. It drives me nuts when I don't but hey as long as everyone else is happy, right? Seems like how things go.