Yesterday On The Beach In Panties.

It's May, and summer is coming!

I love the beach and J usuall joins me, but she was working on a project, and couldn't find the time.

We have a place at a resort that has a beach on the lake and a pair of black panties with lace and logo waist band called me.

I must admit I'd brought them up deliberately to wear when J wasn't around, but didn't expect it would be this early in the swimwear season:-)

I wore swim shorts in a green surf, from Firefly over the panties, and headed to the beach.

It wasn't that busy, and I found my spot near the water, lost the shorts, and spent a couple of hours in the sun with a book, rum and coke, and a joint. Pure heaven.

Alone with my thoughts, the feeling of the sun through the thin fabric (nylon/spandex) was great. the panties were a modest cut this time, and I braved the cold water and a walk up and down the beach.

Time was up way too soon, and since I wasn't wearing sun tan lotion, I needed to get some tan lines, but didn't want a burn.
Always fun to wear panties on the beach.

If we are away say on a cruise, I'll often be more adventurous, but that's another story-or three.

Thanks for reading.........E
erniedouglas10 erniedouglas10
22-25, M
May 22, 2012