Makeup Gone To Far

I'm constantly wearing makeup. From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I don't even take it off to sleep I guess I think I look ugly being natural well I don't think I know I am. I can't even look in the mirror with out my makeup on. Everyone notices my mom always says why are you wasting makeup if your just around the house. My friends have noticed they've never seen me natural and always ask but i always say no I'm good. Even my teacher has noticed she told me one time you know at the young age you are since I'm 14 that it can age my skin and cause acne and stuff. I don't know I never listen to any of them I haven't gone a day in 3 years with out wearing makeup. I've never gone to the store or in public with out it.illapply it over and over no matter wut I'm doing, as if i was in school walking or even simply going to the bath room. It feels heavy I can say since I wear it as if I'd be going to a club in Vegas. Some people tell me i wear to much. But i feel if i wanna wear makeup why should it matter if i do or not. I just don't like the fact of being natural I think everyone looks better with makeup on. I'm not sure if i have a problem or not?:/ I don't see anything wrong with it I'm not harming myself or others I just love makeup and wear it 24/7!
arayray arayray
13-15, F
Nov 28, 2012