Always Gotta Match

I always start my day with matching underwear.If my bra and panties don't match,my whole day goes wrong.All my bra's,panties and girdles match.I buy all my underwear in"white"than I dye them the color I want,so all my underwear matches and I never have a bad day.(I always feel good all under)

diaperandlingerie diaperandlingerie
3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Heh! I did that too. Dying to match is a great way to make sure you have matching colors.

you sound pretty classy to me. i like to wear a bra sometimes but its not the turn on it used to be since i have aged, panties and diapers almost everyday for me tho and i am in my pink panties and long sleevless purple lace trimmed nightgown right now as i type this. hang in there as long as you can. dampbottom

You are soooo lucky to find yourself at your young age! I have not worn anything but ladies panties for 8 years now and will never go back. Thank you for writing me!