This may be the wrong group but all I'm interested in is knowing where I can find men's silk or nylon matching underwear....boxers or boxer briefs.....I'm receptive to any material really.....color black....I can't seem to find them anymore...thanks for any help!

marsnuf marsnuf
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 27, 2009

i tried finding those as well and at one time actually had two pair - one black one white - nylon briefs.

Still why bother? The stores are full of panties in all colors, fabrics and styles, and anyone can buy them.

You like nylon underwear - wear panties - so many choices and much more erotic.

Wonder how you will explain it? Simple! Say you love the feel of nylon. (However, if that is going to be your line, better keep to very plain panties.)