It Is More Odd For Me To Go Out In Public Wearing Only One Panty.

I had to think about this for a while before writing a story.

When I was a child, I wore those training panties that were so thick.  If I wet them they stayed very wet and warm a long time.  Wetting them didn't bother me, but it did my mother.  I also had some nylon day-of-the-week panties in all colors.  I liked those too but if I wet them they didn't get very wet and dried fast.  About the time I started 5th grade my mother was thinking I had a wetting problem and would make me wear a diaper over my panties for protection. Mostly she did that when we were traveling, or visiting somewhere or if I was going on a sleepover at a friends.  Wearing a diaper over my panties was nice because the panty would stay wet better.  

One day I tried an experiment, I put on all of my nylon panties, one over the other.  Then I went to the toilet and wet them all.  It felt great but they still didn't feel all that wet.  By this time, my training panties were long gone.  I had about five cotton panties which I put on over my wet nylon panties.  I couldn't pee any more, I got a glass of water and poured it into my panties at the front and felt it soak through everything.  It was a wonderful feeling but when my mother caught me, I didn't have a dry panty to wear, I was spanked good and hard and sent to bed in a dry diaper early that night.  

I've mentioned being very shy as a kid, and when I went swimming I would always leave my panties on, and my swimsuit over them.  It didn't take long for me to realize I was much happier wearing several panties and even happier if they were wet.  

It was much more difficult to learn how to get away with wearing wet panties, or wetting them in the first place, and getting through a day at school without being caught.  I didn't make it all the time, I was caught wet more than once.  Nothing worse than sitting somewhere quietly peeing my self and have someone unexpectedly show up and catch me.  Usually a teacher, most times I managed to make it look like an accident. My mother helped my reputation with her stories of me being a problem wetter.  Most of my friends knew better.

That was long ago and today I am much happier, I have the freedom to wear and wet as I please.  On days I don't plan to do any wetting, I'll still wear two or three panties, some nylon, some cotton.  I like to wear pantyhose slips and skirts, no jeans for me.  I wear my skirts long enough so wet tracks down my hose won't give me away.  One of my favorite activities is to put a dry panty on each time I wet, after a busy day at home, I may have as many as as a dozen panties on, sometimes more.  

I've been asked before how I can wet so many times, so frequently.  Simple, I don't hold, I don't wait, and when I do pee, I just let a little out at a time. That is the way I spend a wet day.  

A normal day, shopping or just out in town, doing stuff, I like to wear a single nylon panty, and my hose.  When I have to go I might slip into a toilet, lift my skirt, sit and pee quickly through my panties.  Then I will take a spare, dry panty from my purse and put it on to stop any dripping, so you see I am back to wearing multiple panties and ready to go again.

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This is the best story i have ever read on here. I have always enjoyed the layered panty look on women sadly not many do it. You are beautiful and thank you for sharing.

I very well remember the first time I put on multiple layers of underwear (cotton boy briefs in my case), and wet in them all as if I were back in training pants or a diaper. It felt so sensually warm and good to wet like that, and to feel and watch pee blossom on the front and spread across the outermost layer, and warm wetness stream over my skin. I'd become so curious, and then fascinated, and ultimately very aroused thinking about what it must have been like to be an age when I just peed in my pants or diapers like that, and everyone including me thought it was the most normal thing in the world.

I still play this kind of game sometimes too.

Ohthat sounds so nice. There is just something about being wet

Speed limits Frankie? What? am I too fast for ya?<br />
<br />
No Carla, my mother was never that understanding. The wetting of many panties at once, occurred only after I had learned to do my own laundry. Then it was kinda a wetting spree. Wearing more than one panty at a time was something I did in secret. Sometimes, like when doing gym, or when wearing a tennis skirt, you can get away with wearing your panties, and the sport bloomers. Wetting them I tried to keep a secret, often without success. <br />
<br />
You say: <br />
Mom would sometimes put one of hers on top of all mine...<br />
<br />
How many panties did you have? Did you wet them? and your mother put one of her panties on you, over yours? Sounds like something I'd like to read. Let me know if you write that story.

I was just remembering, the nylon panties of my childhood, and up into the early 70's, were all nylon. No cotton lining. That probably had a lot to do with them not holding urine, and drying so quickly.<br />
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My favorite fabrics were the pucker knits, the heavier - fluffier cottons. <br />
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Tradera? Have to check that out.

Wonderful story!<br />
I love these training-panties too! I see through flee-markets to find old pants and panties,and i often find some from the sixties and seventies. Thick stretchy fabrics,and my favourite fabrics is called " helanca". It was used to make panties,swimsuits,leotards and many other clothes in the 60s and 70s. I also buy them on net on a Swedish sell/buy site called "tradera". I do lots of finds there!<br />
Your friend Vidar.

...and like *I've* said before, Rachael, wetting multiple la<x>yers of panties (not to mention wearing them under skirts and dresses!) is really, really hot! I just love reading your stories (and yours, too, sheloves!) about this subject. Thanks so much!

Like I've said before... sisters from different mothers! :-)