Yep. I'm a male...and I wear panties. I love to wear multiple pairs for a couple reasons. First, I like wearing panties because I like the way they feel. There is just something about the softness and the cut of them that is really comfortable to me, not to mention the fact it is an erotic feeling as well. When I wear three of more pairs of nylon or satin panties, there is an added warmth and somewhat of a slipperiness to them when I sit down or put my hand in my pocket. As with others here, there is also the fact that they hold wetness close, even if there happens to be a diaper over them. For me, at least, it's the only way to go!

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I'm a guy and I do that too except I normally wear 8 to 10. I have no idea why I do it or even how it started but it feels good and it does hide the buldge very well when I go out as a lady

one of the reasons I wear several pairs of pants is it hides the penis bulge quite well

Thanks for the story Bill. My husband agrees with you completely. Me too of course.