99 % of the time I wear my seat belt. Especially when I am driving 
I always wear my seat belt. 

The only time I don't wear a seat belt is if it is broken or I literally cannot
buckle up. And that is VERY rare cause I have to buckle up I hate not 
being able to buckle up. 

And considering the town I live in they would make a big deal about it
if I got pulled over and had no seat belt so it really is not worth the 
getting into trouble with a ticket so I buckle up... 

Plus I never know what could happen and a seat belt protects to a point. 
I buckle up for safety... 
purplebutterfly14 purplebutterfly14
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1 Response Apr 29, 2011

Thank you and thank you for your comment !! <br />
You take care also !!