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It's Mandatory In My Car

Ever since I can remember, my parents always made it a point to tell me and my siblings to always wear our seat belts. It's one lesson that to this day, I've taken so seriously, that when one of my wife's former coworkers called me a "seat belt Nazi" when I told her to buckle up, even though it was my wife's car that I was driving. If that's the case, then I consider that a compliment. Having been in my fair share of accidents,all of which I walked away from without a scratch, I learned first hand how important buckling up is. That's why I make sure that anyone that rides with me, follows these rules.

1. Before I even put the key in the ignition, every passenger must buckle up. NO EXCEPTIONS! If I get pulled over by the police, and he issues me a ticket for everyone not wearing a seat belt, you WILL help me pay the fine that goes with it.

2. Learn Rule #1.

Can't make it any simpler than that.
BLACKTIGER75 BLACKTIGER75 36-40, M Mar 21, 2012

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