Not Wearing My Seatbelt Saved My Life!

So back when I newly had my licence (16 1/2 Years old) I drove an old convertible Volkswagen bug. I had stayed out late the night before hanging out with some friends and just being a typical teen. Well I had to get up early the next morning and go play "Special baseball". My Dad was dating a woman who had two kids with special needs. In order for them to play in this baseball league they had to have an adult stand near them on the field to tell them what to do when the ball came to them. Saying my dad isn't the most patient person is an understatement, and since I liked his girlfriend I offered to help her kids be able to enjoy sports like other kids their age.
Well I woke up at 6 am only getting about 3 hours of sleep, and started driving to Woodland, a town that's about 20 miles away. I was about half way there, driving down county road 98 a narrow road with one lane each way for traffic. this is a very agricultural area so there are crops on both sides of the road and large Irrigation ditches on both sides. I was driving about 60 mph and listening to music, as I notice a car speed by me in the opposite direction. In my rear view mirror I saw him flip a U-turn and speed up to catch up with me. as he approached my car he merged into the oncoming lane and passed me, and continued to speed ahead of me. A few moments later he quickly slammed on his breaks and tried to flip a U-turn about 40 feet from me. I didn't have much time to respond I tried to swerve around him but our cars collided and spun out I remember my car flipping over in the air and I had been ejected out of it. as I was in the air I remember taking in a deep breath and then being submerged under water. a second or two later I did the pat down that you would normally see in cartoons. making sure that I was completely in tact I checked my head, chest, crotch and then my legs. when I had patted my head I felt my lucky hat on and was relieved. a moment later something landed on my head and was pushing me deeper into the mud while still under water. I pushed it off my head and made my way out of the ditch to make sure the other guy was ok and not injured. as I came out of the water and climbed out of the ditch i noticed that he was dry and standing on the side of the road and both of our cars were in the ditch.
about 15 minutes later the police showed up with a tow truck. the took our statements and then began to pull our cars out of the ditch. the top of my car looked like a crushed can. completely caved in, the steering wheel and the tops of my seats were smashed down. as they pulled my car out of the ditch I noticed my hat sticking out of the front driver side wheel well of my car. I walked over and tried to pull it out but it was jammed in there really tight. That's when it all came together for me. I had just been ejected out of my car when it flipped, landed in the ditch under water.The hat that moments before I could still feel on my head got stuck in the wheel well of my car when it landed on my head and was pushing me into the soft mud. It was a miracle I walked away unscathed after being ejected from the car and having it land on me. If I had been wearing my seatbelt I would have been killed, my body would have been smashed down between the top of the seats and the steering wheel. Yet I stood there with nothing more than a scratch. It was an incredible experience and I have felt blessed from that day forward.
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Thing is, while YOU were saved by not wearing a seat belt, it's a game of chance. The chance that you will be saved by your seat belt is much much higher than if you don't wear it.<br />
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Think of it this way. I give you a choice. Bet $50 that you'll get heads with one coin toss, or bet $50 on getting tails every time with 10 coin tosses.<br />
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Which bet are you gonna make. But remember with seat belts you're not betting $50, you're betting your life!<br />
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I really hate stories like this. It makes people think it's better not to wear a seat belt.

I understand your point and I do wear my seatbelt although when I'm in a convertible with no roll bar I do not. I always hate this analogy for wearing a seatbelt. Anything you do in life is a gamble. For as many situations that a seatbelt has saved someones life there is one that matches it being the reason someone didn't survive or was severely injured in a situation they would have been fine. I still wear mine because your right I would rather be injured when it isn't necessary because i was wearing the seatbelt then dead because I wasn't.

But I have no sympathy for people who would read stories like this and aren't smart enough to come to their own conclusions. I don't think that stories like this shouldn't be left untold because a handful of people aren't smart enough to realize it was a lucky day. And that goes for more than just a seatbelt story. People are too sensitive these days and many need to start taking accountability for themselves and their own actions not blame some story or something they saw on TV. Be a person, Use your head and come to your own conclusions.

I have a friend who was a highway patrolman. He told me he's taken plenty of dead bodies out of crashed cars in 20 years, but never once had to unstrap one. That should tell you something.