I also have a ring fetish,i am a guy who does not wear rings personally but i love to see women wearing them,the more the better,i think it looks really hot when i see a girl wearing rings on every finger and both thumbs.


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Im a guy who wears alot of jewelry, both rings and bracelets.... i stack rings on every finger and layer bracelets on both arms. i dont consider it a fetish... i just love the way it looks and the way it make me feel. i used to worry about what people thought about it, but I dont anymore. luckily my girlfriend is very supportive and proud (she also wears alot!!) Our jewelry is our bond and we love showing it off.

same here. i love when both men and women wear a lot of rings. i think it is beautiful and sexy on a girl and very cool on a guy. i wear rings on every finger also (except the thumbs)