Different Ones Tell Different Stories

More than any other piece of jewelry my rings tell my story. They are memories to me as well. They are  a way I keep people close to me.

One was given to me by my Grams, another one was hers. A shell ring from my teens, an onyx band from later.

I wear them when I need my loved ones with me. When I am feeling alone, or frightened.

I wear them to remind myself of who I am, and where I've been.

And I wear them 'cause I just like wearing a lot of rings...must be a witch thing. :)

But I always, always have on at least two. But never more than twenty...lol.


Oh..not going to mention the toe rings. lolololol....

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

portable, tangible memories.

I wear several rings as well---one on my left hand from a friend who doesn't want me to loose my sparkle---he calls me squigs--the ring has nine small diamonds in a squiggly line--I wear my parents wedding rings on my right thumb--like you--it's a part of them with me--a ring that I had made several years ago when my marital status changed---call it my "f it all ring" it's a beautifl ring--my grandmothers diamond is the center stone and a wrap of pink sapphires and diamonds--love that ring--it was the start of my coming back to being true to me. I wear a band of diamonds that I bought myself as well--like you--I have my great grandmothers engagement rings--they aren't diamonds--one is an opal with four small diamonds around it the other is a ruby with four seed pearls--beautiful memontos--I have my moms diamond--plus several other rings--I wear sometimes six at a time--it's fun--every ring is treasured and has a meaning as well.