My personal advice about diapers.

Perhaps you are aware that I have an incurable and very difficult, but repeated daily neurological urgencyinkontinens. I drown my diapers every day and I always look to gelkuddarna inside the diapers are completely drenched. Diapers today are so uniquely designed even if the diaper is completely soaked so I do not feel any moisture at all. I have used all kinds of diapers years and have very good experience with them. Here are my personal tips for flood diapers really well.   First: Always make sure to choose a really thick diaper when you are with district nurse. A very thick diaper contains much more fluff and can be submerged more than a thinner diaper dryers and handle the huge amounts of urine which is pressed into the core. Always follow your own needs and not worry about what the district nurse says. You decide what kind of diapers you want, not her.   Second: Once you get diapers delivered, picking them out of the package immediately so that the diapers have a chance to fluff to it and suck up air needed to soak up all the flooding.   Third: Always check the material inside the diaper because that is what will be drowned very often. My diapers contain gel pads that suck 400-900 times its own size and weight, ie about 9 to 15 times more than a regular diaper without pillows. I have a very large and plump butt and buttocks envelops my diapers very sexy. 4 pcs gelblöjor with 30 stocks gel pads inside each diaper enclosed in the buttocks while all the 30 stocks gel pads with a prolonged dull creaking compressed to only a very thin gel sheets of 1.5 mm.   Fourth: Check also how much you can flood the diaper. This is as important as I mentioned in paragraphs 1 to 3. The figures in ml shown in facts about the diapers, is just a "laboratory number", ie, that the figure is not at all with the real figure that you would like to appreciate. In fact, most of the diapers that swamped much more than that. If the diaper has only stomach is flooded 1-3 times, it's a very bad diaper. A diaper must be flooded substantially and at least 10 times a day. Fifth: A plastic-all in one diaper becomes very tight and feels very uncomfortable to wear when it is really flooded after a day, for example. The tape of these are not particularly helpful either. Select all unplastic diapers if you can because they are much more damaging to your skin even when they are completely flooded. But if you're happier with plastic all in one - diapers, you should choose them naturally. Good luck with your new diapers and make sure you flood them really well. If you are a diaperfetischist feel proud of it and you will discover how fun it is flooding diapers. As I wrote in a previous story, is diaperfetischism the most harmless fetish of all.
DiaperFetisch DiaperFetisch
May 18, 2012