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Diaper Chastity

I am just trying an idea I had.
First before putting on my diaper, I have put two condoms over my erection. One on top of the other.
Now when I wet the condoms fill then leak at the base and the contents trickles over my balls and soaks the crotch of my diaper.
With two condoms on the feel of the diaper is taken away from my most sensitive parts.
Being a sissy, there is more realism as my wetting is released in the area it would be in a female.
There is a frustration from the lack of sensitivity provided by the condoms. It also feels like it would be very difficult to ****** in my diaper by rubbing.
So if you want to reduce the possibility of your diapered male getting off in his diaper, then this could be worth a try.
You need to use two or three condoms over each other to reduce the sense of touch against the diaper.
The extra safe ones are thicker and more effective to this end.
Vanessacd1957 Vanessacd1957 51-55, M Jan 27, 2013

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