my parents only bothered to diaper me up until i was 5, after that they gave no **** to bother what i was doing in my bedroom at nights. stains so bad that when i ask them to buy a new mattress they just gave me that 'no problemo' face. 20 years already!
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My bed was always damp and smelly when I was a kid. My room always stank of pee.

I'm greatfull that I had a rubber sheet, I have to admit there were nights that I just chose to wet my bed rather than getting up to use the bathroom. I actually kind of looked forward to wetting my bed sometimes. But my parents never gave me a hard time about it.

Not even a waterproof sheet to protect the mattress? Wow. I at least got that. But no diapers.

Nothing at all. To me its a special interest that branches into lots of deep reasons.

And it's fun to do...and more fun to share with someone else!

>:3 nailed it. I have endless ways of wetting my bed.

That is pretty inexcusable.

I guess you did the laundry too and your room must have smelled bad.

Not as bad as expected lol.