My Sister

My sister and her Husband were in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago while doing a benefit  run with Bikers against child abuse and were hurt pretty bad.
My sister who is only 46 suffered a stroke,compound compression concusion at the base of her skull,several broken ribs, and a seperated shoulder.
My brother in law suffered a broken pelvis and a and a broke arm which required 5 hours of surgery to repair.
My sister does not have any benefits through her job.
My brother in law will get disability, but he is going to be in rehab for six weeks and their out of pock just for that is 1800.00 a month. Neither one is going to be able to go back to work anytime soon.
I am just looking for someone to help me help them.
I made arrangements with their utility company to take donations, that has helped them some.
I set up a donation account in my sisters name (Karen Byrd)with

Gesa Credit Union
4755 Paradise Way
West Richland,WA 99353

We are trying to get together a BBQ for donations.
There just doesn't seem to be enough help for them.
these are people that always help everyone else, and I don't understand why helping them out in this time of need is such a problem.
If someone wants to help them great or just give me some more ideas I can use to help them out myself.

kastaz kastaz
Sep 9, 2012